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Missouri Precision Tool, Inc.

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Floor Sanding Abrasives
Concrete - Masonry Drilling
Relton Carbide Tipped Masonry Bits
Rockhard Tools, Inc.
United Abrasives - SAIT
Tenryu Carbide Tipped Saw Blades
   Steel Cutting Stabilizer Blades by Tenryu
   Miter-Pro Series from Tenryu
   Miter-Pro PLUS Series from Tenryu
   Alumi-Cut Series by Tenryu
   Board Pro and Plus for Fiber Cement Board by Tenryu
   Cord Free Series for Non Ferrous by Tenryu
   Cord Free Series for Ferrous by Tenryu
   Cord Free Series for Plastics by Tenryu
   Cord Free Series for Wood from Tenryu
   Gold Medal Dado Blade Set from Tenryu
   FESTOOL Plunge Cut Saw Blades
   Gold Medal Combination Series from Tenryu
   Industrial Radial/Miter Non Ferrous
   Industrial Radial/Miter Non Ferrous Thin Kerf
   Industrial Table/Panel Saw Metric Series
   Industrial Table/Panel/Miter Saw
   Melamine and Veneer-Faced Plywood Cutting Blades by Tenryu
   Plastic Cutter Series from Tenryu
   Panel Pro Series from Tenryu
   Pro Series for Wood by Tenryu
   Pro Series for Non-Ferrous by Tenryu
   Steel-Pro Series by Tenryu
   Steel-Pro Plus Series by Tenryu
   Steel-Pro Select Series by Tenryu
   Pro Series for Plastics by Tenryu
   Pro Series for Solid Surface by Tenryu
   Power Tool Series (PT) for the Contractor from Tenryu
   Power Tool Series by Tenryu for Miter and Slide Saws
   Rapid Cut Series for Table Saws by Tenryu
   Silencer Series by Tenryu
   Ultimate Trim Saw Blade Series
   Steel-Pro Stainless Steel Series By Tenryu
   Diamond Blades by Tenryu
   Tenryu Carbide Blades for Mild Steel
   Tenryu Carbide Blades for Fiber Cement
   Tenryu Carbide Blades for Melamine and Veneer
   Tenryu Carbide Blades for Non-Ferrous
   Tenryu Carbide Blades for Plastic
   Tenryu Carbide Blades for Solid Surface
   Carbide Blades for Stainless Steel
   Heavy Metal Blades
   Heavy Metal Plus Blades
   Tenryu Blades 10" and Larger
   Tenryu Metric Saw Blades
   Tenryu Saw Blades less than 10" in Diameter
Virginia Abrasives
Rockhard SDS MAX and Spline Shank Extension
SDS Rockhard Dust Control Drill Bits
Rockhard SDS-MAX Dust Control Drill Bits
ROCKHARD Titanium Step Drills

Tenryu Heavy Metal Plus Blades

Specially Engineered Alloy teeth provide exceptional cut-life and lowest cost per cut in the most demanding applications.

The Heavy Metal Plus Series is an evolution of the Heavy Metal in that it features the same super thin-kerf and grinds as the Heavy Metal Series, but features our specially engineered alloy cutting tips to further extend cut-life in heavy load applications
Heavy Metal Plus Blades

Code Name Image Price  
HMC-18036BW 7" x 36T x 20MM arbor Tenryu Heavy Metal Plus Saw Blade   $48.60
HMC-18536BW 7-1/4" x 36T x 5/8" arbor Tenryu Heavy Metal Plus Saw Blade   $48.60
HMC-20342DM 8" x 42T x 5/8" arbor Tenryu Heavy Metal Plus Saw Blade   $64.80
HMC-20342BW 8" x 34T x 5/8" arbor Tenryu Heavy Metal Plus Saw Blade   $64.80
HMC-30554DX 12" x 54T x 1" arbor Tenryu Heavy Metal Plus Saw Blade   $124.80
HMC-35566DX 14" x 66T x 1" arbor Tenryu Heavy Metal Plus Saw Blade   $135.00

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