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Concrete - Masonry Drilling
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   Spline Shank Hammer Bits
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     Spline Shank 4-cutter Hammer Bits
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   Rotary Hammer Adaptors
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Rockhard SDS MAX and Spline Shank Extension
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Tenryu Carbide Tipped Saw Blades
Virginia Abrasives

4-cutter Spline Shank Hammer Bits

4-Cutter Carbide Bits drill rounder holes for critical anchor applications, and last longer.

  • Designed for maximum performance in the most extreme conditions.
  • Aggressive 4 cutter head geometry for longer life.
  • Wear mark indicators (for better dimensional accuracy with anchor fittings.)
  • Produces a rounder hole which will maximize anchor pull out values.
  • Rebar chamfers to prevent chipping of the carbide.
  • Less vibration for reduced stress on the drill motor and operator.
  • High volume flute design for fast removal of dust
  • All our bits are unconditionally guaranteed against any breakage due to manufacturing or workmanship defects.
  • Made in Germany

Spline Shank 4-cutter Hammer Bits
Code Name Image Price  
JAD-815H Rockhard Tool Spline Shank Adapter, Holds All SDS and SDS Plus Bits $81.03
JAD-845X Rockhard Tool Spline Shank Adapter, Holds All SDS Max Bits $286.02
Spline Shank Bits Fit the Following Hammers
PH380 5018 5093 11202 11214 DW530K DH38YE 430 950 HR3851
PHA38 5041 5095 11203 11219 DW531K DS50SBK 501 978 HA5000
PH038 5042 5096 11204 11220 DW532K DH38YF 637 800
PH260 5043 5098 11205 11232 DW533K DH40FB 638 810
PH350 5044 50593 11209 11233   DH40FA 750 850
  5045 50595            
  5049 50596            
  5059 50597        
RH66 5309 5341 442 ED382 747-2 EHB-11 PB1OH
RH99 5311 5342 445 ER382   EHB-75 PH5H
1129 5312 5347 475 PK382     PH11H
1130 5316 5348        
RH99X 5317 5352        
And Any Other Hammer That Specifies a Spline Shank
Guaranteed to fit all Hammer Drills that use Spline Shank Bits.
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