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Missouri Precision Tool, Inc.

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Concrete - Masonry Drilling
Floor Sanding Abrasives
Relton Carbide Tipped Masonry Bits
Relton Groo-V® Tip Multi-Purpose Bit
Rockhard SDS MAX and Spline Shank Extension
Rockhard SDS-MAX Dust Control Drill Bits
ROCKHARD Titanium Step Drills
Rockhard Tools, Inc.
SDS Rockhard Dust Control Drill Bits
Tenryu Carbide Tipped Saw Blades
Virginia Abrasives

TITANIUM STEP DRILLS• Self-Starting point - Requires no pilot hole.• Balanced double flute eliminates chatter and vibration for clean, burr free holes.• Drills clean accurate holes in thin metal (up to 1/8”); sheet metal, ducts, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, plastic, plexiglass, wood, veneers, vinyl siding, plasterboard, PVC, stainless steel, cast iron.
ROCKHARD Titanium Step Drills
Code Name Image Price  
JHTSP-1 Titanium 6 Step Drill, 3/16î, 1/4î, 5/16î, 3/8î, 7/16î, 1/2î   $20.81
JHTSP-2 Titanium 13 Step Drill, 1/8î, 5/32î, 3/16î, 7/32î, 1/4î, 9/32î, 5/16î, 1   $21.77
JHTSP-3 Titanium 3 Step Drill, 1/4î, 7/8î, 1-1/8î 3/8" Shank   $71.17
JHTSP-4 Titanium 9 Step Drill,1/4î, 7/8î, 1-1/8î - 3/8" Shank   $28.47
JHTSP-5 Titanium 12 Step Drill,3/16:, 1/4î, 5/16î, 3/8î, 7/16î, 1/2î, 9/16î, 5/8√   $29.70
JHTSP-6 Titanium 1 Step Drill 7/8î Hole for 1/2î conduit 3/8" Shank   $51.31
JHTSP-7 Titanium 8 Step Drill 9/16î, 5/8î, 11/16î, 3/4î, 13/16î, 7/8î, 15/16î, 1   $51.85
JHTSP-8 Titanium 5 Step Drill 7/8î, 1-1/8î, 1-7/32î, 1-1/4î, 1-3/8î 3/8" Shank   $79.42

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