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Missouri Precision Tool, Inc.
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Concrete - Masonry Drilling
   SDS MAX (TE-Y) Hammer Bits
   SDS or SDS+ Hammer Drill Bits
     Chisels and Assessories for SDS Plus Hammers
     Longer SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Bits
     Quickstop SDS Bits,
     Rockhard SDS PLUS R4X 4-Cutter
     SDS Booster Plus Carbide Tipped Masonary Bits
     SDS Plus Hammer Bits
     SDS Plus Stop bits
     SDS Pyramid Point Hammer Bits
     SDS Rotary Only Rebar Cutters
     SDS-Plus "Hard Head" Solid Body Bits
     SDS-Plus Bits for Concrete Screws
     SDS-Plus Hammer Bits in Bulk Pack
     SDS Plus Extensions
   Spline Shank Carbide Tipped Core Bits
   Spline Shank Hammer Bits
   Rotary Hammer Adaptors
   Carbide Tipped Core Bits
Floor Sanding Abrasives
Relton Carbide Tipped Masonry Bits
Rockhard SDS MAX and Spline Shank Extension
ROCKHARD Titanium Step Drills
Rockhard Tools, Inc.
SDS Rockhard Dust Control Drill Bits
Tenryu Carbide Tipped Saw Blades
Virginia Abrasives

Rockhard SDS Plus Hammer Bits for use with Concrete Screw Anchors

We've been selling Hammer Bits for over 20 years and have found them to be a quality bit.

There are less expensive bits, but we've had customer after customer tell us how our bits last longer on difficult materials and drill faster.

While we are not the least expensive, we are very competitive when life of the bit and number of holes produced is considered.

All Rockhard bits are manufactured in EU.

Complete Rockhard Catalog (2.4 MEG PDF)

Carbide Tipped for Drilling concrete and masonry.

SDS-Plus Bits for Concrete Screws

Code Name Image Price  
JHSDS-HEX1 5/32" x 5" SDS/Hex Bit for Concrete Screws   $6.88
JHSDS-HEX2 5/32" x 7" SDS/Hex Bit for Concrete Screws   $7.67
JHSDS-HEX3 3/16" x 5" SDS/Hex Bit for Concrete Screws   $6.88
JHSDS-HEX4 3/16" x 7" SDS/Hex Bit for Concrete Screws   $7.67

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